Kajima Community's core business is marketing and operating the community use of PFI schools since June 2003. We made a conscious decision at the outset that community use is not just about a school lettings service. We take a more holistic approach, providing a fully-managed service with a firm focus on excellent customer service.  In 2011 we expanded our service offering to include consultancy services to schools, school developers and facilities management companies.  

FLEXIBILITY - Our solutions combine a unique blend of experience, award winning services, robust management and operational procedures and a flexible approach that can meet changing needs. This management framework creates welcoming environments for both supplementary educational organisations and local individuals. 

INCOME SHARE - Kajima Community have also developed an online lettings management tool which was originally built to save time for our own administrators and to maximise our own schools lettings income.  BookingsPlus is now available for other schools to use.

PARTNERSHIPS - Central to the way we work is our partnerships with the schools, local authority, local voluntary and community groups and regional governmental organisations. We immerse ourselves in the local area, handling community relationships, working effectively with the facilities management company and putting systems in place to control operations.

The cost of these services depend on the level of resourcing required.  Most of our options are on an income share basis to make them more affordable.

For more information about this service please contact Chris Smith on 020 3075 1800 or chris.smith@kajima.co.uk.

An Introduction by Chris Smith