Kajima Partnerships (KPL) announced today that it has sold a 75% stake in its Brentwood Community Hospital PFI project to HICL Infrastructure Company Ltd (formerly HSBC Infrastructure Company Ltd), thereby extending an investment partnership that began in 2007. Kajima will continue to manage the project on behalf of the KPL/HICL joint venture.

The community hospital provides state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient facilities offering antenatal and dental treatments, rehabilitation and therapy. It also acts as a local base for midwives and community nurses, which deliver a wide range of essential services to the local population. It was completed in 2008. Maintenance and facilities management services are provided by Integral UK and Initial Hospital Services.

Julian Rudd-Jones, Managing Director of Kajima Partnerships, said: “We are pleased to be further expanding our long term partnership with HICL that focuses on the responsible and value-added management of projects such as this, which form an important part of our social infrastructure.”