Kajima yesterday welcomed students from their Haverstock School project to their UK headquarters on Baker Street to learn more about the company and careers within the sector.

Sixteen students, aged 14, made the trip from Camden as part of the school’s PHSE (Physical, Health and Social Education) day. On arrival they were taken on a tour of the building to learn about the various functions and departments within the company and given the opportunity to quiz staff on their day to day activities in the workplace.

The visit ended with a presentation from Jason Stocks, Community Use Manager, on the history of Kajima Corporation, the UK activities of Kajima and the role of Kajima Community within the school, along with information and guidance about what it takes to build a career in the sector.

Jason said, “We were delighted to host students from Haverstock and give them a tour of our offices, offering them a valuable insight into the modern world of work.”