Kajima Community were presented with a Judges Special Recognition Award in acknowledgment of the community focused engagement activity and services they provide to schools. The BIFM award ceremony, in front of 1,300 industry representatives, recognises the contribution made by the facilities management sector to the economy.

The judges specifically mentioned Kajima Community as being ‘an exceptional organisation with solutions enabling schools to be positioned truly at the heart of their community’. What impressed them most was the explicit value being created and the very real and high quality impact Kajima Community have on the local neighbourhoods, showing how ‘commercial business and social infrastructure and services can deliver a remarkable sense of integration by co-existing under smart and exciting leadership’.

Chris Smith, Head of Kajima Community said, “We are in our tenth year of operation now and are thrilled that our services have been recognised in this way. The theme for this year’s awards in excellence, innovation and inspiration is truly something that we aspire to and something that we try and embed within all of our services.”