Kajima Community are extending their contract for management services at West Denton Community Centre. Working in partnership with Newcastle City Council, Kajima are not only managing operations at the bustling community centre but are now also providing the City Council with invaluable data about its finances, operations and maintenance, informing work to influence the future of the centre. This work will subsequently feed into the Council’s future plans in remodelling the operation of their portfolio of 32 community centres across the city.

Caroline Beckett, Newcastle City Council said: “Kajima have made a significant contribution to the centre’s operations, not only in terms of the service they offer but also in terms of providing the Council with an in-depth review of centre functions such as finance and usage. With the help of Kajima we are building an excellent profile of the centre and its options for operating sustainably in the future.”

The centre hosts a range of activities open to the local community including; children’s dance classes, steel band workshops, an art club, Slimming World and various fitness sessions as well as a 400 member indoor bowling club running regular leagues, competitions and casual play.

Fundraising at West Denton
Fundraising at West Denton